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what's in a title?

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howdy folks.

hope you enjoyed the state of the union two nights ago. can't believe how many lies can be crammed into an hour. how about that democrats response thing too? since when did they do that? and why the hell did they choose the governor of virgina to speak? weird. anyways, here's some analysis on the speech.

(pardon my rambling, but when is a president going to address this epidemic...probably never but hopefully the military goes bankrupt soon and the problem will disappear.)

in music news, sound advice is performing at Columbia tomorrow. should be funky. not sure if outsiders are welcome but why not come through if you're in the hood?

the mix is almost done too...a clip will be up on our turf by this weekend so stay tuned...

new remix from yours truly available on up to morsy for comin thru suprem last weekend...

oh and i may be in the bronx on friday so stay tuned...

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