sound advice

on to the next shit


yo yo yo-

this site is DEAD!!! but were not.

chekc us out here or here

nu day, nu blog


so, we're finally upping our internet game...

check out the new gonna be a daily spot to check out new remixes and what not from ourselves and anybody else who wants to can still check out gnarls biggie from the site, but the goal is to start introducing new remixes...go there now!!!

oh and in a few days we will be renovating the official sound advice page...its gonna be blog style so this one will be dead sad as it is to see our crummy ass website perish, the new one is going to be fresh...gonna have a bunch of remixes, mixes, and cool stuff...

that should be up by friday this week...

oh and saturday, we're back at supreme...k.ross will be out of town, but elsewhere and moose will be holding it down...check it out...



brosephs & comrades