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yo here's a snippet from "play anything"

check it out...and holla if you wanna copy...

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report card day


Mr. Rumsfeld conceded, “If I were grading, I would say we probably deserve a D or a D-plus as a country as to how well we’re doing in the battle of ideas that’s taking place in the world today.”

Wow. It's nice to see someone in office finally catching on to the truth.

The Taj Mahal

e-mail me if you believe you deserve a free copy of the mix. most narcissistic reply wins.

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charlie sheen...american hero?



charlie sheen has redeemed himself...

this is a must see clip of him debunking the 9/11 commissions version of what happened 5 years ago...sure he's not an expert but it is about time that the media began looking into this...cheers to mr. sheen...he's gonna get torn apart by right-wing pundits for this but hopefully its a wake up call for most of the nation...please, watch the clip and tell others to do the same...

oh and you can listen to a snippet from "play anything" here...oh and elsewhere has the entire track listing for the mix up on his blog...check it out...

hope to see you at supreme tonight...

lord have mercy...


after a exciting, yet greuling, night of playing at the country hip hop festival at southpaw and then staying up all night licking sugar cubes between drinking presidentes i must say im happy to finaly be at work with a little peace and quiet.

its been a hectic week but the weekend looks to be crazier so gear up...

tonight, im back at mo pitkins should be interesting...$3 millers and yours truly, present...

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but saturday the realness is back as sound advice returns to our home base, supreme trading...its been almost a month since we've had one of these so come through and say "hi"...then proceed to dance like a maniac...

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oh and last but not least, THE MIX IS DONE!!! 1000 copies sit in my apartment patiently awaiting distribution so holla at me if you want one...or of you come out this weekend i might just hit you off with one...

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should be a release party soon...i think there may even be a few in the in in mahattan...stay tuned

oh and dont forget to learn about depleted uranium munitions...

irish crunk day


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-just realized yesterday that today is st. paddy's day...readin up on the heritage...

-tonight...gettin drunk...over at mo's...the flyer is above...obviously...

-in the meantime that mix is oh so close...can't even explain how many problems we've had in the past two weeks but copies will be available by next week...hit us up

mo fo sho...robot day...


ladies and gents today is robot day...

check out the news...

-killer robots in iraq. wow, our army is just so great...aren't they?

- robo cop is almost a reality

-Bush is a Robot...big shocker...

-I-pods for democracy...i wonder if they're giving them nanos...or if black eyed peas tracks will automatically be on the pods...come on...where is the love?

buried treasure vol. 1


alright y'all-

we've been meaning to start doing this for awhile. the buried treasure segment of the blog where we find a spanking ridiculous record to bring to your attention. i might get blasted for this but for our first selection, I have chosen a record I found at my job today...perhaps the most incredible album of the past two decades (or maybe not)...

ladies and gents...behold...The Surf M.C.'s

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they apparenty came out in 1987 on profile (run-dmc's label) and oh my god this ish is ridiculous. total run-dmc/beastie knock off with blaring guitar riffs, classic drum machines and some of the cheesiest surfin'-inspred raps you have ever heard.

here's the first verse on the album, from the title track "surf or die"...

We were born in the year of our lord
With nothing on our backs but our funky surf boards
Miles at sea - that's where you'll find us
Hundred foot waves, not far behind us
Sharks on my right, sharks on my left
One false move, we knew it was death
Thats when we heard a terrifying cry
"Hug wood, homeboy - you better surf or die!"

woah...hold up hold up hold up...did they just say that..."Hug Wood, Homeboy"?!!!!

cam'ron wold have a heyday ripping apart a bromo line like that

anyways, you must hear this album...i can't find anyplace hosting tracks from it yet...but i'll try to put it up an mp3 later this week...

til then, "Hug wood, homeboy (PAUSE)- you better surf or die!"

back like crack...


hey y'all-

sorry i've been absent for so long. some sort of bacteria had me down and out for two weeks. could hardly move.

anyways, lots has happened. i'll try to get through as much as i can...

-first of all, Three Six Mafia...if you saw the oscars, nuff said...

-next, the SHAC 7 were found guilty in Jersey today. If you haven't heard about them yet be sure to read up. There is a major media blackout about this. Tell everybody you can.

-Chomsky is saying what I've been thinking for a long time. It's time for disarmament.

-I also have been saying this for awhile...9/11 was a sham...hope i don't scare ya too much...but the truth will conquer...

-the sound advice tape has taken another step towards finality...i'd say we got like 25 days til copies are out...amazingly, you can pre-order here

-oh and this weekend, i'm back at mo pitkins with a healthy mix for ya...starts at 10:30...3 dollar miller draughts for ya...and four dollar well drinks/wine...not bad eh?

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