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Blog Exclusive...Get it While You Can...Gnarls Biggie Album

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yo, what up loyal readers (at least I imagine you exist...we all know the sad truth though)-

this is a total blog exclusive Download The Full Gnarls Biggie Album Here. that's right. a day before its official online release. consider it a gift from us to you. or a criminal act done with you in mind. which ever. we're cool with both.

tomorrow it will be available at the official Gnarls Biggie website for a limited time at least. i have a bad (yet good) feeling about all of this. regardless though the album is kinda-kinda. it touches me in a special place but that may just be cause i spent over 50 hours mixing it. i think you'll knod your head a bunch, maybe even jump up and down. i know, at least you're gunna want to smoke a blunt and be like, "this shit is insane".

hope y'all dig my gift.

love, always,
the fifth dimension

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  1. Anonymous khal 

    feeling this. Gnarls Biggie

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