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imperial defeatism? count me in

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sorry to get all political here, but i just found this cool article about imperial defeatism and i must say i'm all for it. down with the (un)american empire. that right, empires are inherently un-american (and meanwhile the tv news paints me as the unamerican one...aint that some bull).

read this:

"In our world, the truth is that being against empire -- against the transformation of the U.S. into a giant, gated, overarmed, globe-spanning version of a failed Rome is apolitical sanity, the sort of thing that could and should be embraced by left, right, and center. What we probably need in this country is a new American Anti-Imperialist League of the sort Mark Twain was involved in way back at the end of the nineteenth century in opposition to a war of suppression in the Philippines."

that's what i'm talking about...

like the O.G. George W. told us before he left office some 200 years ago...we need to be neutral...bring all our troops home from every corner of the map and lets focus on making our country great...not colonizing the planet...

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