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myspace operative?

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so someone created a new Gnarls Biggie myspace page. We did the same thing a month ago to try and build hype but it was shut down in under four days (some of you may remember that). Hopefully this fan does better than us. I can't help but wonder if this is a myspace operative looking to avert the bad press we've been distributing about myspace over our deletion, but hey regardless check em out and add 'em.

today im hangin out packin our limited edition cd's. look out for bootleg gnarls biggie cd's. we have a feeling some will surface. just know all our covers are numbered and there are only 500 offical copies in existence. the first 100 won't even be released right away so anybody claiming they have numners 1-100 is full know...

in the mean time, much love to all supporters and haters alike...cuz we know in the end its all the same...


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